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Unpublished Letter to the Sarasota Herald Tribune (sent Nov. 12, 2009)

[The Editor of the Sarasota Herald Tribune evidently declined to publish the following letter. Not surprising, given that the New York Times owns the SHT, and the New York Times has been brazenly promoting the H1N1 mass vaccination program. In fact, the New York Times Learning Network even published the following learning lesson targeted to schoolteachers, "H1N1 Vaccine: Facts or Myths," (see: ) in which the Times denies that there is any ethyl mercury in the H1N1 shots, in spite of the fact that the FDA-approved Package Inserts  (see: ) list Thimerosal as an ingredient! ] 


NOVEMBER 12, 2009


In “Flu shots for area's children start soon” (11/5/2009), the turnout for a recent Hillsborough County clinic was described as falling short of expectations, and a Hillsborough County official is quoted as saying, “We don't really know why more people aren't interested."[1]

Here are just a few of many potential reasons as to why parental demand for H1N1 vaccination is falling short of official expectations:

1. Secretary Sebelius (HHS) in July invoked the 2006 PREPA Act, granting legal immunity to vaccine manufacturers and federal officials, meaning they will not be held liable for harm caused by their swine flu vaccines, unless willful misconduct can be proven.[2] Many parents do not want their children to receive uninsured vaccines.

2. Similar legal immunity  was issued in 1976, for a similar swine flu scare which ended in disaster. The swine flu virus itself was ultimately blamed for only one death. However, the 1976 swine flu vaccine was blamed for at least 25 deaths, and thousands of injuries, from Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS), a paralyzing neuromuscular disorder. US taxpayers eventually paid hundreds of millions of dollars to the vaccine’s victims.[3] GBS remains a hazard associated with vaccinations.[4]

3. The most readily-available injectable H1N1 vaccines are delivered in multi-dose vials. According to the FDA, each of these vaccines contain up to 25mcg (micrograms) of Thimerosal, a mercury derivative.[5] Mercury is a neurotoxin.[6]

The fact that these injectable vaccines contain mercury may explain why more parents are not interested.

Jason B.

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