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John Oliver's Vulgar Treatment of Vaccine Injured and Their Families

[SVC Comment: Big Pharma and its stooges in the governing media are losing their public relations war against parents and defenders of informed consent. 'Exhibit A' is the pathetic program recently broadcast by so-called comedian John Oliver. We would normally post a video link, but we don’t want to drive up his YouTube views, he doesn’t deserve them. However, we do think it’s important to share the following, thoughtful excerpts — posted to — regarding Oliver’s shallow disinformation piece. Oliver’s show was a desperate, hateful hit-piece against parents of autistic children and all those who bother to study the multiple scandals swirling around the vaccination-industrial complex.]

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John Oliver's Vulgar Treatment of Vaccine Injured and Their Families

By Anne Dachel.

Lighthearted and vulgar as ever, John Oliver talked about lifesaving vaccines, goofy non-vaxxing parents and outbreaks of disease, e.g. measles and the Somalis in Minneapolis in a 27 minute tirade on not vaccinating children.

In truth, this was a desperate attempt to stop the march of truth. Oliver had zero concern for where all the autism is coming from and urged research into areas other than vaccines.  Somehow he missed the decades of dead-end studies showing endless associations between parents and the chances of them having a child with autism. In addition to millions of dollars going into the search for the elusive bad gene that causes autism, almost all research lays the blame squarely on the parents, mostly the mother. Repeated studies have linked autism to fat moms, old moms, moms who marry old dads, moms on anti-depressants, drinking moms, smoking moms, moms who don’t get enough vitamin D, moms who have premature babies, moms who have babies to close together, moms who live too close to freeways, and more bad choices.

Oliver was pleading with parents not to believe what they hear from other parents and from the Internet because all the science is settled. Every child should get every shot on the schedule.

Of course what Oliver had to say were only talking points, he didn’t address what parents are learning about. Nothing was said about William Thompson, the whistleblower from the CDC who said his agency destroyed evidence of a link between the MMR and autism or Dr. Poul Thorsen, who produced bogus science on vaccine safety and is now wanted for stealing millions from the CDC. In addition, nothing was said about the lack of liability for injuries on the part of the vaccine makers or doctors,  the failure to produce a vaccinated, unvaccinated study, the myriad of untested toxins allowed in vaccines, or web of conflict of interest waivers for the government officials who come up with the vaccine schedule.

In Oliver’s world there is no Hannah Poling, whose claim of vaccine-induced autism was conceded by medical experts at HHS, nor are there over 80 compensated claims of vaccine injury that included autism by National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

SVC agrees with this comment, posted to the above article: 

Holy smokes.... they had to go to the lengths of producing a 1/2 hour infomercial, during which an actor systematically overcomes parent objections to vaccination, by dutifully reading a teleprompter that guides him through a script that was created by the pharmaceutical industry? This is only further evidence that the cracks in the pavement are deepening.... . Paul Picha


Levi Quackenboss: "John Oliver, You Unfunny Shmuck..."

Excepted from a very angry Levi Quackenboss. In 2017 virtually every fringe, spliter, this or that group is protected from bullying.  People who would never assail gay rights, women's rights, civil rights of any group are freely condemning and even calling for violence against those who want vaccination rights. It's alarming and disheartening.  John Oliver's 27 minute tirade is a fine example of a progressive late night "funny man" touting the pharma line under the guise of "entertainment."  Many of us with vaccine injured children are awake late at night - guarding doors against bolting, listening for seizures, cleaning crapisodes, begging for a moment's silence and sleep.....  John Oliver wouldn't last 27 minutes with most of our kids.   He is an unfunny shmuck. Levi nails it:

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