Friday, July 31, 2009

Interview w/ Barbara Loe Fisher re: Swine Flu Vaccination Program

Barbara Loe Fisher is the Co-founder and president of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), a non-profit educational organization that was founded in 1982 by parents of vaccine-injured children. Barbara has authored several books on the subject of vaccines and also worked with Congress to develop the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986.

Barbara talks about the plans for a mass swine flu vaccination program and what effects this may have on people's health, as well as people's right to refuse the vaccine. She also discusses the effects of Gardasil and other vaccines.

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Thank you to Emily and Vicki of WSLR 96.5 LPFM Community Radio's "Truly Sustainable Sarasota" program for this very informative interview!

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