Thursday, July 23, 2009

WSLR Community Radio, 96.5 LPFM, to Feature Two Swine Flu and Vaccination Discussions:

1. “Surreal News": Friday: July 24th, 9 AM E.S.T.:
Guest: Steve Lendman, author of, "Readying Americans For Dangerous, Mandatory Vaccinations"
Steve Lendman is a Research Associate for The Centre for Research on Globalization. See:

In Sarasota, listen to WSLR on 96.5 LPFM. Or stream online from:
Additional information about Surreal News: "
Podcasts of each show are posted at

2. “Truly Sustainable Sarasota”: Thursday, July 30th, 9 AM E.S.T.:
Guest: Barbara Loe Fisher, Founder and President, National Vaccine Information Center:
In Sarasota, listen to WSLR on 96.5 LPFM. Elsewhere, stream online from:

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