Friday, July 17, 2009

Inform Yourself re: the Hazards of Untested Vaccines!

The news of two deaths attributed to swine flu here in Sarasota is highly disturbing. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the deceased. Even as credible experts seem to have divergent opinions as to the lethality of the novel H1N1, what is particularly distressing is the response being implemented by federal and state public health authorities: a massive vaccination program, which will be geared initially to our most vulnerable citizens - our school children.

Many people will wisely choose to avoid the novel H1N1 vaccination. Public health authorities are conceding that it will be effectively experimental; the vaccines produced for the H1N1 Pandemic will not have been tested in any meaningful way by the time they are delivered. For example, the W.H.O. itself states:

“Since new technologies are involved in the production of some pandemic vaccines, which have not yet been extensively evaluated for their safety in certain population groups, it is very important to implement post-marketing surveillance of the highest possible quality. In addition, rapid sharing of the results of immunogenicity and post-marketing safety and effectiveness studies among the international community will be essential for allowing countries to make necessary adjustments to their vaccination policies.” []

My 87 year-old mother-in-law resides in a Sarasota assisted-living facility. She has autoimmune hepatitis and diabetes. Will she be required, or pressured, to take this novel swine flu vaccine as a condition of remaining at this facility, even though a number of experts warn that vaccine adjuvants, including squalene oil, may themselves cause autoimmune disorders?

Please, as fascinating background to this entire situation, take 15 minutes and watch Mike Wallace’s 1979 “60 Minutes” piece about the 1976 influenza and the “rushed-to-market” swine flu vaccine which killed and maimed people. It’s archived here:

Stay tuned, and inform yourself of the hazards of untested vaccines! Will the new influenza vaccine be even more dangerous than the virus itself? How will you even know, given that the vaccines are being rushed to production without long-term safety testing? Learn about natural ways to boost your immunity; these are safer and arguably more effective than untested, experimental vaccines.
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