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Background/Comment re: FL Citizen Lawsuit Against Mandatory Vaccination:

Sarasota for Vaccination Choice comment:

This suit was filed 8/18/2009 by Carmen Reynolds, a very courageous retired Air Force Lt. Colonel, in Santa Rosa County, Florida.

Her suit seeks temporary injunction against any mandatory vaccination, on Florida Constitution basis.

Reynolds has stated that her health was severely damaged by the vaccines that she was required to take during her military service; she can't, and won't, risk further injury or death from any more mandated vaccines, and she is properly outraged that the State claims the power to invade her sovereign body with toxic, uninsurable vaccines which, according to vaccine manufacturers, are known to cause injury and/or death.


Excerpt from Plaintiff Reynolds' OBJECTION TO DEFENDANT’S [Florida's] MOTION TO DISMISS”:

Plaintiff Reynold’s objects to the Defendants’ Motion to Dismiss as follows:

2. Plaintiff Reynolds objects to the assertion that she has no standing to challenge a law which allows the state to disregard her basic rights as a sovereign Floridian. A reading of the statute clearly assumes that the state may seize, incarcerate and forcibly medicate anyone it wishes. There is no due process before the denial of inalienable rights. Clearly, such actions could be taken by the state against anyone within Florida. Either the people of Florida are sovereign over their own bodies or not. If they are not sovereign over their own bodies, by what authority does the state claim ownership? By what authority does the state have the right to injure and possibly kill by forced medication and physically force a sovereign Floridian?


As crazy as it seems, it is not hyperbole to say that we may be perilously close to that day when state officials might attempt to mandate forced vaccination. If not this go-around with "swine flu," authorities have near crystal-ball like precision in assuring us that our future is comprised of wave upon wave of "lethal" pandemics!? (How did we all even manage to survive this long without daily vaccinations?) New vaccine production plants are being built in the U.S. Those vaccinations will need a destination...

Florida was in an official, state-declared 60-day "Public Health Emergency" from May 1 to June 30th, 2009. See:

The Florida public health statute, revised post-9/11/2001, clearly conflicts with the Florida Constitution. During officially-declared "Public health emergency," state health officials can:

Order[] an individual to be examined, tested, vaccinated, treated, or quarantined for communicable diseases that have significant morbidity or mortality and present a severe danger to public health. Individuals who are unable or unwilling to be examined, tested, vaccinated, or treated for reasons of health, religion, or conscience may be subjected to quarantine.

Read further, and it states the official may order law enforcement to "use any means necessary to vaccinate or treat the individual."

Read the statute here:

Read the Florida Constitution here:

HEARING set for Oct. 1, 2009 on the State of Florida's motion to dismiss:

PLEASE NOTE: Sarasota health care workers have confirmed to me that they are being pressured to take the flu shots (seasonal AND swine flu, as soon as it's delivered), even though it's not (yet?) "mandatory" at this time.

One such employee, a Sarasota hospital worker, told me today that his boss even admitted that he doesn't plan to take it himself, because, to paraphrase, he doesn't get out and mix with the sick people! Nevertheless, he is pressuring his own employees to get the shot. What does the boss know that he's not sharing with his staff?

With swine flu hysteria increasing, we need to support Carmen Reynolds' efforts, BEFORE the possible declaration of another 60-day state health "emergency," during which YOU, your family, and your loved ones, regardless of their health condition, contra-indications, religious beliefs, etc., could be the victim of a state official's arbitrary and capricious orders to be vaccinated or medicated... AGAINST YOUR WILL!

Citizen Reynolds, who is not an attorney, has nobly brought her lawsuit to this point, but now the State is playing hardball and trying to dismiss it. She needs the help of a pro-bono or reduced-fee attorney to assist her in ensuring that her argument gets the PROPER HEARING it merits. If you know of such an attorney, please contact Carmen Reynolds via email:

Please help support her by forwarding her links, spreading the word about our tenuous personal sovereignty, and asking your local media to cover this story.

We also need to demand that our representatives to the Florida Statehouse revise this depraved statute, immediately!
I've also written a commentary about this matter here:
Florida Law & Forced Vaccination vs. Informed Consent & Health Freedom


Thank you,
Sarasota for Vaccination Choice:

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