Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sarasota estimates "mild" H1N1 impact; plans for 1,000 serious cases over year:


David Gulliver - posted 12:15 pm Tuesday, Sept. 15

Sarasota County health officials are using a model of a “mild” impact from the H1N1 virus as they work with health care providers and other agencies to prepare for the fast-spreading illness known as swine flu.

The planning model estimates that H1N1 virus will be two to three times as widespread as normal seasonal flu, but that its effects will be no more severe, said Chuck Henry, an environmental health specialist who heads the county’s flu response.

The model is based on input from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization, and what researchers are finding in the southern hemisphere, where H1N1 appeared and spread earlier.

“While lots and lots of people are getting sick, it doesn’t seem to be any worse than our seasonal flu,” Henry said.

READ ENTIRE ARTICLE: http://www.sarasotahealthnews.org/articles/2009/09_15_Estimated_H1N1_cases.htm

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