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PUSHBACK: Virtual Interview with HHS Secretary Sebelius and Congressional Response

PUSHBACK: Virtual Interview with HHS Secretary Sebelius and Congressional Response
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Dr. Laibow’s Virtual Interview with HHS Secretary Sebelius

September 16, 2009 – URGENT NOTE: Your Action Required Now to Secure Your Right to Refuse the Swine Flu Vaccine Without Incarceration

Health Freedom’s best friend in Congress has responded to our Push Back. We’ve sent more than 2 million emails demanding the right to say “NO!” to vaccines without punishment, incarceration or involuntary quarantine. The Congressman knows how important that is to health, liberty and, we have to imagine, sanity. We have been in discussion with his office about introducing a bill modeled on our Draft Legislation to prevent pandemic vaccination which is mandatory, compulsory or taken under duress of any type.

We received a call today from the Congressman’s office telling us that he is close to introducing a new No Compulsory Vaccine Bill to the House. Given the fact that we have sent well over 2 million emails to our State and Federal legislators, HHS Secretary Sebelius, DHS Secretary Napolitano, President Obama and the Governors of every State in the Union, we anticipate that his bill will garner a good deal of support.


Have you already sent this Action Item once for every member of your household demanding the right to self shield instead of facing mock-voluntary Swine Flu vaccination with incarceration as the consequence of vaccine refusal? If so, thank you. If not, now, more than ever, we need your help in taking this action right now. We need every bit of support we can muster. Once we get Dr. Paul’s bill number and text, we will publish it and then we’ll ask you to do the same thing again: click on the link we’ll give you to support that Action Item as if your life depended upon it. It will.

Click here once for each member of your family and then disseminate as widely as you can:

And don’t forget that we are 100% supporter supported.

Please set up two (2) recurring donations, whether large or small: one tax deductible donation to support our legal challenge of the legality of the FDA’s approval of the vaccines Secretary Sebelius is referring to in her testimony below. That one should end in the number 6 to ear mark it for our legal fund. The other tax deductible donation can end in any number and it keeps the Natural Solutions Foundation keeping-on. Here is the link:

Now, on to the all too real, but still very surreal, testimony authorizing the Pandemic Swine Flu vaccines without any, that’s right, any safety testing. On September 15, 2009, a terrible, tragic and tyrannical event in America’s history took place. HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius testified before the US House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce and, in that testimony, announced the “licensing” of the “Swine Flu” vaccines. Secretary Sebelius, please allow me to remind you that it is a crime to provide false testimony before Congress.

I was not in the chamber when the Secretary announced the approval of several Swine Flu vaccines using a combination of untruth, falsehood, illogic and deceit. But I would like to present my virtual interview of Secretary Sebelius as she reads her testimony before that Committee and I question her about it. Remember that every word following SKS (Secretary Kathleen Sebelius) is her unedited testimony, with nothing altered or changed in context. I guess she is counting on the declining quality of the educational system in the US to see her through.

Watch for the new series in which Secretary Sebelius and I have a virtual interview. Here is the text of that virtual interview. Please read and share as widely as you can.

Thanks for your activism.
Yours in health and freedom,
Dr. Rima
Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation
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A virtual Interview with Secretary Sebelius on the “Swine Flu” Vaccine Licensing

My comments are in italics, labeled “REL”
Secretary Sebelius’ comments are labeled SKS.

SKS: Preparing for the 2009-2010 Influenza Season

Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius
Secretary, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

SKS: Chairman Waxman, Ranking Member Barton, Chairman Emeritus Dingell, members of the Committee, thank you for this opportunity to update you on the public health challenges of 2009 H1N1 influenza. I want to assure the Committee that the Administration is taking these challenges seriously…

REL: These challenges do not exist, Secretary Sebelius. They have been manufactured as a kind of, at best, a cynical windfall of unprecedented proportions for Big Pharma. At worst, you and your conspirators are playing Doctor Death with America, starting with our next generation, children and pregnant mothers.

SKS: and has mounted an aggressive plan to address H1N1 throughout this fall and winter.

REL: The challenges you speak of do not exist. Without any challenge, an aggressive plan is totally unnecessary.

SKS: HHS has a leading role because this is a health event, and we are working in close partnership with virtually every part of the federal government under a national preparedness and response framework for action that builds on the efforts and lessons learned from this spring. Working together with governors, mayors, tribal leaders, state and local health departments, the medical community and our private sector partners, the federal government has been actively preparing for possible H1N1 virus outbreak scenarios that may develop over the next few months.

REL: Madam Secretary, you are saying “MAY develop” but your use of the phrase, “MAY DEVELOP” shows there is no sufficient scientific evidence that the so-called “Swine Flu” is a pandemic threat. You have called it a “novel” virus, which is a condition for there to be a pandemic potential, but you are not treating this vaccine as thought it were a novel vaccine, requiring safety testing. Given the costs in human and financial terms, I am afraid that “MAY DEVELOP” is not sufficient for vaccination of the population, starting with our most vulnerable population.

SKS: Since the initial spring outbreak of 2009 H1N1 influenza, the virus has triggered a worldwide pandemic,

REL: Well, no. Actually a world wide pandemic has been declared without any clear evidence that there actually IS a world wide pandemic. There is NO world-wide pandemic; there is a only legally declared pandemic, made possible only because the W.H.O. changed the definition of a “pandemic” for political reasons. The “pandemic” has been declared without any clear evidence that there is any world-wide threat. How has the Secretary ascertained, in the absence of accurate testing, that H1N1 is the “DOMINANT” flu strain? Australian authorities do not confirm your claim.

SKS: and has been the dominant flu strain in the southern hemisphere during its winter flu season.

REL: Just how is this ascertained in the absence of accurate testing, not just testing, mind you, but accurate testing that H1N1 is the “DOMINANT” flu strain? Australian authorities do not agree with or substantiate your claim.

SKS: The evidence to date shows that the virus has not changed to become more deadly.

REL: At last, Madam Secretary, we have common ground. We agree, and therefore, since both WHO and CDC has said that this H1N1 virus causes a disease that is milder than seasonal flu, requiring no medical intervention, why is major medical intervention required for something that poses no dangers and may, MAY, become a problem at some time, somewhere in the future?

I am sorry, Madam Secretary, but this is absurd, unscientific, dangerous and a ferocious waste of money, sort of like TARP and other corporate welfare programs, but this time for Big Pharma.

SKS: Unlike our typical seasonal flu, we continued to see flu activity in the United States over the summer, notably in summer camps.

REL: But since diagnosis is not being carried out, is it Swine Flu? Allergies to GMO junk food fed to children, perhaps, common colds, maybe? How would you know? The best tests we have are wrong 9 times out of 10. WHO and CDC requested countries not to test for the virus and not to keep accurate counts, just to guess – and it is on these guesses that you apparently are making your pronouncements, judgments and decisions.

SKS: More recently, we have seen an increase in 2009 H1N1 influenza activity in several states

REL: Based on what independently verified data? If you have no lab tests, you would have no idea of what you are seeing.

SKS: and expect this to continue across the United States during the coming months.

REL: All respiratory cases are being assigned the unscientific label of “Swine Flu” without testing. No one has any idea if any of these cases are causes by H1N1, except, apparently you, Secretary Sebelius. Assuming, however, that all of them are, there are no deaths which are not caused by underlying disease or treatments with toxic, but approved drugs such as Tamiflu, which killed a pregnant mother and the baby she gave birth to in Mumbai, India recently.

Diagnosis by symptom picture alone. Right. That is not exactly good science and it certainly is terrible medicine. Swine Flu walks like a duck, coughs like a duck and has a fever like a duck. What makes it a swine? Public relations and nothing else!

SKS: As fall begins, we anticipate that even more communities may be affected than those that saw cases this past spring and summer.

REL: Again I ask you, Secretary, based on exactly, precisely, what?”

SKS: In addition, communities may be more severely affected, reflecting wider transmission and causing potentially greater impact.

REL: I am afraid I have to ask again, based on what? You say that communities may be more severely affected, but the truth is that they may also be less severely affected. Where do you get your crystal ball serviced, Madam Secretary? Could it be the same place that Novartis used when they decided to patent a vaccine for the Swine Flu in 2008 when CDC and WHO declare that this is a novel, never-before-seen virus which arose, de novo, like Athena from the forehead of Zeus, in April, 2009? Could the same shop be servicing Baxter’s decision-making Magic 8 Ball so that they were able to apply for a patent for a Swine Flu vaccine in 2007? If so, Madam Secretary, this crystal ball is a national treasure and should be made available to “We the People of These United States.”

SKS: Seasonal influenza viruses may cause illness concurrently with 2009 H1N1 this fall and winter and it will not be possible to determine quickly if ill individuals have 2009 H1N1 influenza, seasonal influenza, or other respiratory conditions based on symptoms alone.

REL: It may. Or, then again, it may not. There is no hard data on which to make these predictions and the consequences of these predictions, including vaccines are dangerous and unwarranted by any level of fact or reality. I repeat, there is simply no hard data, or at least none that you have presented on your websites, public statements, press releases or here today.

SKS: It is also difficult to predict the severity of the disease that we will see in the coming months from either 2009 H1N1 or seasonal influenza.

REL: Right again, Madam Secretary. So why poison the populace for something whose dreadful menace did not materialize and is not showing any signs of materializing. In fact, its dreadful menace is a lot like the bogyman under the bed: a product of your big brother’s desire to scare you witless so that you will do whatever he says. The parallel is uncanny.

SKS: Influenza is an unpredictable disease and we know that things will change and we will learn more throughout the fall.

REL: So unpredictable, in fact, that seasonal flu vaccines are accurate less than 40% of the time although the toxins injected (mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, foreign protein, MSG, etc., fluoride, etc.) are toxic 100% of the time and become more so with more shots, which are increasingly r4commended by conflict-of-interest-laden ACIP (Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices) and others of their stripe. By the way, Secretary Sebelius, what is your financial interest in the medical and pharmaceutical industries?

SKS: Shared Responsibility and Science-Based Guidance Slowing the spread and reducing the impact of H1N1…

REL: From nothing to nothing?

SKS: …and seasonal flu is a shared responsibility…

REL: Exactly what does that mean? There is no meaningful impact from H1N1, but there certainly will be from yet another round of vaccines, even if those vaccines are, as falsely stated, but a strain change variation on a theme. Children vaccinated with attenuated live virus vaccines, specifically influenza vaccines, are many times more likely to be admitted to hospitals for all causes, many times more likely to develop serious asthma, etc. There is nothing trivial about influenza shots but, with the guidance of ACIP they are increasingly passed out as if they were either safe or effective. In fact they are neither and, if it is merely a strain change variation, then H1N1 is also neither safe nor effective. It it is a novel vaccine for a novel virus, it is clearly neither safe nor effective since it has never had any safety testing concluded. Were such safety testing to show that it were not safe or effective, then the sales and administration of it would pierce the veil of liability free manufacture, distribution and use which the Federal government has accorded to itself, its agents and to the manufacturers and distributors of these dangerous vaccines as we.. It is therefore in the ir best interest not to have any safety data (or data showing the lack of safety).

SKS: …and we all need to plan for what would need to be done when the flu impacts our community, school, business or home this fall.

REL: When? Shouldn’t the word be “IF” or “just in case” or “In the unlikely chance that it might, given the lack of evidence that it can”?

SKS: Given that flu already is circulating in the United States this fall, it’s important for every American family and business to prepare their own household and business plans and think through the steps they will have to take if a family member or co-worker contracts the flu.

REL: Tuberculosis is also circulating this fall. So are impetigo, gonorrhea, athlete’s foot, head lice and zits. Is the US Government offering a TARP bailout, at the expense of our lives, to the the very wealthy, very powerful Pharmaceutical Industry?

SKS: CDC has provided specific recommendations for what individuals, communities, clinicians, and other professionals can do.

REL: In the face of trivial disease, if it indeed exists in community distribution, for which there is no evidence that has forensic or scientific credibility, these common sense wash-yours-hands, cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze recommendations are more than sufficient the help out a perfectly unthreatened population. My mother taught me that, too, and it sufficed.

SKS: Individuals can take actions to prevent respiratory infections. We emphasize frequent hand-washing as an effective way to reduce transmission of disease. It is very important for sick individuals to stay at home,

REL: Really? Do employers know that and do they refrain from docking them?

SKS: and for parents to keep children who have a fever or flu-like illness home from school, childcare, the playground, or other places children gather.

REL: Flu is not necessarily Swine Flu.

SKS: Similarly, sick individuals should not get on an airplane or any public transport.

REL:This benign-sounding provision will result in persons who have not been vaccinated being denied boarding privileges on public transport in the United States unless we stop this medical fascism now. There is already talk of stainless steel RFID chipped bracelets at state trooper checkpoints. Where accurate or not, this suggestion illustrates how easily this type of tyranny would be to install. Tyrannical control never presents itself as that. it always wants to help, to take care of, to protect you. This process of constitutional abrogation, so well advanced at the state and federal levels, is receiving another set of supporting members in this document, Madam Secretary, and in this dangerous and unwarranted approval.

SKS: Taking personal responsibility for these things will help reduce the spread of this new virus as well as other respiratory illnesses.

We have issued new guidance from the CDC on for schools, child care settings, colleges and universities, and large and small businesses that also includes strategies for preventing the spread of flu, especially in the early fall when the 2009 H1N1 vaccine will not yet be ready. These comprehensive guidelines provide advice on how individuals and institutions can guard against the flu and mitigate its spread. The CDC also has issued guidance for healthcare providers about appropriate use of anti-viral drugs to treat patients who are at highest risk from complications from the seasonal and 2009 H1N1 flu.

REL: These guidelines offer dangerous pharmacological usage practices which, like the vaccine approval itself, is not supported by science. In fact, the science of the antivirals suggests very strongly that they should not be used and their use, while increasing the liklihood of serious complications and death, does little or nothing to shorten or minimize the severity of the purported “Swine Flu” infection. Remember, it can only be purported because the laboratory testing is not being done, based on the recommendations of the CDC and W.H.O. Why? Because the testing is so inaccurate. Therefore any suggestion about incidence, prevalence or impact is mere fantasy. Tamiflu and Relenza have not been shown to bring about positive outcomes in this diagnostic fantasy matrix, in fact, quite the contrary.

SKS: Additional work is being done on critical guidelines to address infection control and worker safety in healthcare settings. Our recommendations and action plans are based on the best scientific information…

REL: Please refer to what I have said above and my comments below, Madam Secretary.

SKS: …available to help our nation respond aggressively and effectively to the 2009 H1N1 virus.

REL: This may sound awfully familiar by now, Madam Secretary, but why? Where is the justification for aggressive action or the demonstration that effective action is not achieved by the “Personal responsibility” suggestions and by the protection of the collective immune system through avoiding junk foods, chemicals, GMOs and other health degradation substances and processes permitted by your agency, the same FDA which is now so sanctimoniously declaring its benign intent here?

In fact, the same FDA has literally criminalized communications which offer non-vaccine, non-drug options to prevent, treat, mitigate or cure the Swine Flu. It is hard to see how the FDA is working to help our nation respond aggressively and effectively to anything except the need to make the population docile, obedient, sick and profitable in its chronic illness.

SKS: We are working to ensure that Americans are informed and consistently updated with information in clear language. This is a dynamic situation, but it is essential that the American people are fully engaged so they can be part of the response.

REL: Really? To my mind, being fully engaged would require clear, accurate information and, I am very much afraid that your testimony makes it clear that the intention of the FDA is to provide anything but that. You are providing information in easily understood words, but it is distorted and dangerous. If your FDA were interested in that goal, it would be offering abundant information on nutrition, antioxidants, homeopathy, Foods, nutrients, nano silver and supplements designed to support the immune system.

SKS: The federal government, particularly the CDC, will be conducting weekly and, when necessary, daily briefings that will be available at to get critical information out to the American people.

Vaccination Campaign The federal government is also preparing for a voluntary national vaccination campaign for the 2009 H1N1 virus starting in October.

REL:The Federal Government has backed off from its earlier stance for mandatory vaccination, which was articulated by HHS on July 23, 2008 and by DHS on the following day in advisory communications.

SKS: With unprecedented speed, we have completed key steps in the vaccine development process — we have characterized the virus, identified a candidate strain, expedited manufacturing, and performed clinical trials.

REL: Clinical trials have not been performed. Brief dose response trials have been initiated, is some cases not even completed before this authorization.

SKS: The speed of this vaccine development was possible due to the investments made through ASPR/BARDA over the past six years in advanced research and development and infrastructure building.

REL: How convenient!

SKS: One-hundred ninety-five (195) million doses of H1N1 vaccine have been purchased from five manufacturers by the U.S. government.

REL:Vaccines have already been purchased, BEFORE their approval? That makes their approval sound very much as if it were pre arraigned. Why the haste? Why the collusion? Your agency declared a national state of health emergency on April 25, 2009, just 11 days after the first so-called death from the so-called novel virus in Mexico. A level 6 pandemic was declared on June 11, just shy of 2 months after the first alleged death. The death toll was reduced in Mexico from 168 to 16, a percentage decrease in mortality of 90.5%. This miracle of biblical proportions was not only ignored, but the decrease in observed mortality was apparently not factored into the response of either WHO or FDA.

SKS: Two types of vaccine will be available: vaccine made from killed virus for injection (flu shot) and vaccine with live, weakened virus administered by nasal spray.

REL: Madam Secretary, our information is that this is simply not correct. We have been informed that there is more than one inactivated live virus preparation. We are checking this out now.

SKS: The vaccines are being manufactured by the same methods used for the production of the seasonal flu vaccines administered every year.

REL: I am afraid that this is simply not true. Conventional influenza vaccines are cultured in eggs. Cell based, rather than egg based, vaccines are not the norm and are not just a simple “strain change” variation of the same old vaccine. MF59, and oil and water adjuvant, is not the norm. The virus is said by both WHO and FDA to be unpredictable and to be a totally novel virus. In that case, there is no possibility that all approved vaccines are merely strain change variations on a well proven, but not particularly safe, theme. FDA can only have it one way or the other, but not both, Madam Secretary.

SKS: NIH is conducting a series of clinical trials on the vaccine to determine the safety and number of doses needed to induce a protective immune response.

REL: Safety trials will not, according to the FDA< be completed until June, 2010. Approval of the novel vaccines before that point constitutes irresponsible dereliction of duty at the very least. Since full disclosure and informed consent are not possible under the conditions of secrecy which prevail in these tests, it is possible that they are illegal and that they constitute crimes against humanity.

SKS: Trials in healthy adults and the elderly began in the first week of August. Complete immune response data from the first trials—those studying two doses in healthy adults—are expected in late October.

REL: The approval of 5 different vaccines was announced today, September 15, 2009. There is no possibility that even the preliminary dosage trials in healthy adults have been completed. No trials in immuno compromised or suppressed people, vaccine injured persons, infants, people with atopic disorders like asthma, eczema, egg allergies, organ transplant recipients, cancer chemotherapy patients or those on steroids, etc., have been conducted. No safety information exists to guide usage or administration. This is consistent with the lack of information which would pierce the veil of liability protection as mentioned before.

SKS: Preliminary data indicate that the vaccines are safe

REL: What preliminary data. Is that sufficient to jeopardize the health of a nation for a non existent threat of a disease?

SKS: and that a single 15-microgram dose induces what is likely to be a protective immune response in healthy adults between the ages of 18 and 64.

REL: We should note that no one says that the dose will be protective since vaccines have never been shown to be protective of diseases for which they are administered. Not a single double blind, placebo controlled study on this question has ever been done. But the antibody production generated by vaccines is assumed, not know, to provide protection. Given the dangerous nature of these novel vaccines for a novel virus, don’t ou think, Madam Secretary, that more information about the conclusive results of carefully designed safety testing, with fully informed consent, would be in order before these vaccines were approved?

SKS: For adults aged 65 and over, the preliminary data indicate that the immune response to the 2009 H1N1 influenza vaccine is somewhat less robust, as is the case with seasonal influenza vaccine.

REL: And there is no intermediate or long term safety data on the adjuvanted vaccines whatsoever since no adjuvanted vaccine has ever been approved before in the US. the only two adjuvanted vaccines available in Europe are for patients on dialysis, whose immune function is so suppressed that they are deemed to need the extra “punch” of the squalene adjuvant and, according tot he controlling agency, have such a reduced life span that they are not expected to live long enough to develop side effects and complications from the vaccine and Cervavax, GSK’s competitor to Garadsil, the HPV vaccine.
Parents who continue to state that their daughters were either killed by, or seriously damaged by Cervavax administration are being warned that if they continue to disseminate that information their children will be taken from them.

The suggestions in this data is that although dangerous, the danger is being hidden. Without a good deal of further clarification, the approval of adjuvanted vaccines, or the potential administration of adjuvants by themselves or mixed with unadjuvanted vaccines, as being discussed now by CDC, makes the purchase some months ago of nearly $1/2 billion worth of squalene adjuvants make sense in the limited fashion that injecting a a known poison into large number of humans might be said to make sense.

Squalene, when injected into animals, causes such severe auto immune illness that its use is standard in laboratories where the induction of such disease is desired for research purposes. In that context, it is named after the scientist who discovered that it had that impact and is known as “Freund’s Adjuvant.

SKS: Trials in children began in mid-August, and trials in pregnant women have just begun.

REL:Does that mean that approval for the use of these vaccines for unrestricted use is based on …what? Certainly not science or data.

SKS: Our expectation is that vaccine will be a good match for the virus currently circulating in the United States based on intensive monitoring of the virus.

REL: But the expectation of the FDA and WHO for a “good match” between a circulating influenza virus and the next season’s disease is wrong well over 70% of the time. Secretray Sebelius, you and your Staff’s expectations are less than compelling. The regular administration of the seasonal flu vaccine that ACIP and CDC, both units of FDA, recommend year after year has been shown to increase the incidence of Alzheimer’s Disease by more than 600% while its accuracy in predictng which virus will be circulating is less than 30%.
FDA standards are not very high: according to your official website, the H1N1 vaccine will be considered a success if the anticipated antibody titer response (1:40) is found in 28% of the population. That means that these vaccines are being approved even if the number of people who do not show a robust laboratory antibody response (which is not associated with protection) is as high as 72%. So the risks of these vaccines are not accounted for and the efficacy is not required.

Furthermore, FDA has announced that the unadjuvanted vaccine, the strain change variety, is expected, under the best case scenario, to kill at least 30,000 people. The number who are expected to be maimed and crippled by this is not specified on the offical FDA website. If the 1976 disaster, which Secretary Sebelius says the FDA is looking to for guidance, is any indication, we can expect at least a thousand people sickened and crippled for each person who dies from the Vaccine. The math is hardly conducive to confidence in the FDA.

SKS: We are coordinating this 2009 H1N1 vaccination campaign with the seasonal influenza vaccination campaign, and are working hard with state and local authorities and the clinical community to address the challenges this presents.

From what we know as of today, 2009 H1N1 virus preferentially affects a population different from that affected by seasonal flu. In particular, this virus is infecting more young people including children, younger adults and pregnant women.

REL: What is this data based upon, given the lack of diagnostic specificity and the fact that symptoms are not distinguishable from all other types of colds or flus?

SKS: Typically these groups, particularly young children and pregnant women, are at greater risk of serious complications from any influenza, including the 2009 H1N1.

REL: Again I must ask, Secretary Sebelius, without diagnosis, how can that be ascertainined?

SKS: CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommended on July 29 providing initial doses of the new H1N1 vaccine to five groups—approximately 159 million people.

REL: That is over one half of the entire population of the US. Wouldn’t it be more prudent, given that there is no legitimate health emergency, to not vaccinate more than half of the country, specifically the most vulnerable half, with an untested, unnecessary and uninsurable group of vaccines?

SKS: CDC endorsed these recommendations.

REL: Rather than reassuring me, this seems to me to be a clear cause for an overhaul of FDA and CDC with the possibility of criminal charges being investigated.

SKS: These groups are:
pregnant women,
people who live with or care for children younger than 6 months of age,
health care and emergency services personnel,
persons between the ages of 6 months through 24 years of age, and
people from ages 25 through 64 years who are at higher risk for novel H1N1.

REL: Note your use of the term “Novel”, Secretary Sebelius. As stated above, that precludes the claim that these vaccines are mere strain change variations on a well-worn theme.

SKS: because of chronic health disorders like asthma and diabetes or compromised immune systems.

REL: These are the very groups to whom squalene is the most dangerous and the crops to whom contaminates like leukemia-causing virus SV40, found in the line of monkey kidney cells that the Novartis Vaccine has been cultured.

SKS: The H1N1 virus is particularly dangerous to healthy women who are pregnant. Not only has this virus caused greater numbers of pregnant women to be hospitalized, it has also been fatal in a higher percentage of this population than in other affected groups.

REL: Does squalene cross the placenta. Does it damage the fetus? In what way? At what age? It is known that mercury does cross the placenta and does damage the Fetus. Yet the CDC is advising women to take the H1N1 vaccine(s) regardless of whether it has the preservative known as “Thimerisol” (49.6% mercury by weight). No mention has been made of the dangers of aluminum adjuvants, nor of the fact that polysorbate 80 (also called “Tween 80) is associated with infertility when injected?

SKS: The federal government will be working in partnership with states, territories, tribes, and local communities as well as the private sector to help distribute and administer the new H1N1 vaccine. Thanks to support from Congress, the federal government has allocated $1.444 billion for states and hospitals to support planning and preparation efforts. TARP AGAIN.

The large scale 2009 H1N1 vaccine program will begin mid-October with small amounts of vaccine becoming available the first full week in October. The vaccine itself will be available free of charge to the American people, but some public and private providers may charge an administration fee. It will be distributed to providers and state health departments in a manner similar to how federally purchased vaccines are distributed in the Vaccines For Children program. The CDC and states will work with a contractor to get vaccine to where it needs to go. The number of doses shipped will be reported to the CDC daily, and the number of doses administered will be reported to the CDC weekly.

REL: Where will the adverse relations be reported for the general public to track?

SKS: The fact that vaccine won’t begin distribution until October makes preventing the spread of flu even more critical. Again, we need to remind all Americans about the things they should be doing right now: washing hands, staying home if you’re sick, and taking the necessary precautions to stay healthy and avoid getting sick. has good tips for what you need to do to avoid getting the flu.

While the 2009 H1N1 flu virus has been the focus of attention since the spring, it is important that we do not forget the risks posed by the seasonal flu viruses. More than 36,000 people die each year from complications associated with the flu.

REL: This statistic is totally false and misleading. About 600 people per year from the complications of influenza, but marketing concerns have created this oft-repeated number from which bears little relationship to reality as the swine flu case numbers or death numbers.

SKS: CDC continues to recommend vaccination against seasonal influenza viruses, especially for all infants, children, and people at greater risk for influenza complications. Seasonal flu vaccine already is becoming available in many places.

It is not too early to get a seasonal flu shot as soon as it is available. The protection you get from the vaccine will not wear off before the flu season is over.

REL: There is no evidence that the seasonal flu strain in the vaccines is the one circulating but there is considerable evidence that the vaccines are dangerous, despite insistent government and industry denial.

SKS: Closing Remarks – At HHS, we are simultaneously working hard to understand and control this outbreak…

REL: What outbreak? See above.

SKS: …while also keeping the public and the Congress fully informed about the situation and our response. We are working in close collaboration with our federal partners as well as with other organizations with unique expertise that helps us provide guidance for multiple sectors of our economy and society. It is important to recognize that there have been enormous efforts in the United States and abroad to prepare for this kind of an outbreak and a pandemic.

REL: One would have to wonder why.

SKS: Our nation’s current preparedness is a direct result of the investments and support of the Congress and the hard work of state and local officials across the country. While we must remain vigilant throughout this and subsequent outbreaks, it is important to note that at no time in our nation’s history have we been more prepared to face this kind of challenge.

REL: Or more over-prepared to face a challenge which does exist.

SKS: But the government cannot solve this alone and, as I have noted, all of us must take constructive steps. Taking all of those reasonable measures will help us mitigate how many people actually get sick in our country.

We look forward to working closely with the Congress to best address the situation as it evolves in the weeks and months ahead. Again, Mr. Chairman, thank you for the opportunity to participate in this conversation with you and your colleagues. I look forward to taking your questions.

REL: Thank you Madam Secretary. I do think you have told us quite enough disinformation.

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