Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Defense attorneys weigh jail medical protocol against Constitutional rights:

Court's flu plan raises due-process concern:
Palm Springs, California

'Precautionary' quarantines are delaying arraingments 28 Oct 2009
Defense attorneys in the desert are crying foul at a plan to contain
the spread of H1N1 virus or any other flu-like illnesses, saying that
it could violate an inmate's constitutional right to a speedy trial.
Riverside County Jail officials developed the protocol, which includes
inmate quarantines, in an effort to curb the chances of an outbreak of
flu-like viruses in the county's jails. Los Angeles County man Anthony
Raymond Magdaleno,18, was scheduled to be arraigned on Tuesday. Jail
records indicate he was arrested Oct. 21 and detained a day later. But
Magdaleno did not appear in court for the second time in two days
because he is one of several inmates quarantined at the Riverside
County Jail in Indio in a precautionary action attributed to a
flu-like virus, jail officials said.


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