Thursday, October 29, 2009

[OHIO] Oregon mom says son given flu shot against orders:

Article published October 29, 2009
Lucas County revises forms because of case

Tanika Redmond, left, opens a cooler with vaccine as Cheryl Murphy, Patti Fraker, and Sherrie Haar, R.N., stand by at Fassett.


Knowing her 7-year-old has had adverse reactions to medication in the past, Kim Lutheran thought she had made it clear she didn't want her son vaccinated for the swine flu.

She signed the "no-consent" portion of the form Oregon City Schools sent home, then circled it with a black marker for emphasis.

To her shock, her first-grader was given the shot when the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department set up a flu clinic Monday at Starr Elementary. When she found out later that day, she said she was livid, not to mention worried for her son Matthew's health.

"It wasn't just that we didn't want the vaccination. It was we didn't want the vaccination because," Mrs. Lutheran, a registered nurse, said. "The health department has to be held accountable for violating my parental rights to say no. They did not have parental consent. They had 'do not give consent.'•"

The error has prompted the health department to revise the consent forms used for the in-school clinics planned across Lucas County, Larry Vasko, deputy health commissioner, said.

"We really thought we had things in place that something like that would not happen, and it did," Mr. Vasko said. "Very fortunately - and we're most interested in the child's welfare - the child is apparently fine or in pretty good shape. We certainly have taken steps so that this sort of thing will not happen again."

Consent forms sent home with Maumee City Schools students this week - the next district where flu clinics are to be held - ask only for parents to sign the form if they want their children vaccinated. Those who do not give their consent should not return the forms, and their children will not be vaccinated, Mr. Vasko said.


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