Thursday, October 22, 2009

H1N1 vaccines in school ‘a bad idea’:

Having heard that some schools are contemplating bringing in and offering H1N1 vaccine to students and staff, I feel compelled to voice my objections.

While I applaud the motives of maintaining public health and safety, there are many reasons why bringing these vaccines into schools and other public places is a bad idea:

1) The “vaccine” has not been proven effective. No study has been done, and one week-long “trial” does not indicate responsible, scientific research.

2) The aerosol/inhalant version is known to be a combination of many known live viruses, influenza A, influenza B, swine flu, bird flu, horse flu, or dog flu, any of which could likely make anyone sick.

3) Since we know the flu is spread by body fluids, as a result of sneezing, coughing, etc., being transmitted through the respiratory channels and other mucous membranes, it does not make any sense at all to deliberately inhale—or squirt into the nasal passages—any live virus, to say nothing of a combination of viruses known to have killed human beings in the past.

4) Since the “vaccine” for young people is an aerosol spray, it is airborne and will be present in the room/area where it is delivered/given/squirted, making the environment an infection zone.

5) Any child getting the “vaccine” then becomes a carrier of the various viruses and will likely infect others with whom they come in contact.
6) Children will get sick from having inhaled the flu viruses.

7) We will undoubtedly then have a school-wide epidemic.

8) Families of the children will then be at risk as well.


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