Friday, October 23, 2009

[UK] Fitness coach advises clients to boycott jab:

HEALTH chiefs insist their swine flu vaccine is safe after a Hatton-based fitness coach urged his clients not to take the jab.

Self-styled ?holistic lifestyle coach? Jody Bunting claims independent research shows the injection can cause “far more long-term damage than short-term good”.

He says the vaccine damages the immune system and it is safer to avoid swine flu with lifestyle changes like “adding light exercise” and “getting enough sleep”.

However, South Staffordshire Primary Care Trust (PCT) has rubbished Mr Bunting?s claims, which go so far as to say the vaccine could lead to cancer or brain damage.

PCT medical director Dr Phil Ballard said: “Vaccine research and development is a carefully controlled and lengthy process and vaccines are rigorously tested to ensure safety, quality and effectiveness.

“The swine flu vaccine had to pass stringent tests before being granted a licence by the European Medicines Agency and we are confident that the new vaccine is low risk.

“Our best line of defence against swine flu is the vaccine and I support Sir Liam Donaldson, the Chief Medical Officer, who is urging people in priority groups to have the vaccine, which will help prevent them from getting swine flu and any further complications that may arise.”

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