Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Health Authorities Evasive in Answering Perplexing Questions About This Year’s Flu Vaccination Campaign:
by Bill Sardi

Major news sources are making attempts to rescue what appears to be flagging demand for flu shots in an already unforgettable flu season.

The Chicago Tribune published a report saying flu vaccines are "safe and time tested," but in reality, none were tested on high-risk groups (young children, asthmatics, elderly, smokers, pregnant women) who the government is targeting for inoculation.

The flu shot is newly formulated every year and there is simply no way to know for sure it won’t result in serious side effects, like paralyzing Guillain Barré syndrome, which occurred with the 1976 swine flu vaccine.

Furthermore, public health authorities have been doing a zig-zag on questions posed by the public regarding this year’s flu shots.

At first it was said two flu shots would be required to produce sufficient antibodies against the flu. But then, at the last moment, vaccine makers said only one shot would be needed.
Scientific reviews of past flu vaccination campaigns show that single vaccination was at best 30–50% effective at generating antibodies. Furthermore, in many past flu seasons the three strains of the virus in the trivalent vaccines did not match the flu strain in circulation in the population. So many people were vaccinated needlessly.


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