Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fear motivates us:

By Lawrence Woodall - North Island Gazette

Published: October 27, 2009 5:00 PM

The perception or reality of fear manipulates our behaviours as a species. Two prominent fears are terrorism and pandemics these days. Both have a basis in reality, but there is a perception used by certain sectors to maximize the economical benefits to themselves.

With terrorism, security firms are able to self perpetuate their existence by having the public believe that terrorists are out to get you, as the old saying goes. You look at the money and steps taken in security enhancement between the US and ourselves. Some would have you believe that terrorists are teeming at the borders ready to cross over and perform their devious deeds. Let’s keep this in perspective, we are talking about replacing one piece of paper (birth certificate) with another piece of paper (passport) to ensure our safety. 9/11 created this paranoia. Insurance companies along with security firms have gone off the deep end using terrorism to realize record-breaking profit margins in their sectors. You only have to look at the Olympics, a microcosm of what is happening in the world today, where security measures since Munich have evolved beyond any sense of rational.

Pandemics are an awesome tool of the pharmaceutical companies to rake in massive profits, but what is all this ingestion of chemicals into our bodies doing to us a species. H1N1 is the most recent pandemic, people will die or not.

Where folks have immunity issues there is a benefit to the user getting an immunization. Our species though, regardless to your belief of our origin, have survived and thrived without inoculations to boost our immune system up until just over a hundred years ago. Anti-bacterial soaps plague our domains these days. But bacteria should not be a negative term, it plays an important role in the health and strengthening of our immune system. With out the constant bombardment of bacteria, our immune systems become lazy and weak.

Inoculations may be good for the short term, but what is it doing to us long term? With immunizations are we going to create the monster of all viruses, which continue to mutate to battle our defenses, through our own chemical devices. Our fears may actually come to fruition one day due to our own meddling.

War and plagues are as old as the profession of prostitution, and are the two natural tools that attempt to maintain a strong healthy human population. Some may argue that war isn’t a natural component, but it has been with our species since the dawn of our arrival. We can imprison ourselves with the chains of fear, or live life to the fullest. Government, security, and pharmaceutical companies are benefitting from FEAR (false education appearing real), and not just financially, they are able to have greater control over the masses. Now if some one could only come up with an inoculation to battle fear.

Lawrence Woodall is a longtime naturalist who lives in Port Hardy.

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