Monday, October 5, 2009

[CANADA] Province may suspend flu shots after vaccine's safety questioned:
SEPTEMBER 28, 2009
B.C. might suspend the seasonal flu shots as early as today, in the wake of a Canadian study that suggests people who get the flu vaccine are twice as likely to contract the H1N1 virus.

Several news outlets reported the preliminary findings of the study, which is still under peer review. Researchers found that those who received the seasonal flu vaccine in the past were more likely to catch H1N1.

While the research was initially met with much skepticism from health officials, several provinces, including Quebec, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Nova Scotia, have suspended seasonal flu shots for anyone younger than 65, the Globe and Mail newspaper is reporting in its Monday editions.

The B.C. Ministry of Healthy Living and Sport is holding a news conference today at 9:30 a.m. to make what is billed as "an announcement around B.C.'s seasonal flu vaccine campaign."

Jeff Rudd, ministry spokesman, would not confirm whether minister Ida Chong will announce a suspension of the vaccine.

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