Thursday, October 15, 2009

Get Genetically Engineered Vaccines Out of Organic!

Get Genetically Engineered Vaccines Out of Organic!
Take Action Before the October 19, 2009, Deadline

Vaccines are allowed for use in organic livestock production. However, many vaccines on the market today are genetically engineered, and, according to federal law, those vaccines are supposed to be excluded from organic production. Currently, many genetically engineered vaccines are being used in organic livestock production, without the review or approval of the National Organic Standards Board, the organic oversight board that is supposed to control what inputs can legally be used in organic production.

The National Organic Standards Board will be considering a recommendation at their November 3-5 meeting in Washington, DC to allow unrestricted use of genetically engineered vaccines in organic livestock production.

The Organic Consumers Association opposes the use of genetically engineered vaccines, and all GMOs, in organic production. Please join us in the telling the NOSB to reject the recommendation for unlimited use of GMO vaccines and instead to adhere to the regulation that requires each GE vaccine to be individually reviewed.

Scientists are warning, "Genetically engineered vaccines possess
significant unpredictability and a number of inherent harmful potential hazards."

Vetrinarians are warning, "The widespread dissemination of live GE viruses is a very costly, high-risk, low health priority that if not prohibited or controlled internationally could amount to a biomeolecular assault on the life community of planet Earth. It could, through viral mutations and non-target host transformations, lead to the devastation of human civilization, and to animal populations wild and domestic"

There are also environmental risks. The production of genetically engineered animal vaccines has already resulted in the contamination of food crops. Biotech firm ProdiGene tainted half a million bushels of soybeans with a trial vaccine for a pig disease, transmissible gastroenteritis. The incident is believed to have occurred because the soybeans were planted on the same site used to grow genetically modified pharmaceutical corn the previous year.

Secretary Vilsack, then Iowa governor, defended the company, cautioning,"we should not overreact and hamstring this industry or limit Iowa's ability to participate in this emerging industry."

Tell the NOSB that GMO vaccines have no place in organics.


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