Monday, October 5, 2009

VISTA Corps Volunteers to Assist with Mass-Vaccinations?

Anonymous e-mail received from a VISTA Corps Volunteer: September 24, 2009:

In late September or early October 2009, during a VISTA volunteer meeting held at the Friendship Volunteer Center, VISTAs were told that we would likely be participating (at a logistical level, i.e. directing traffic, record keeping, etc) in H1N1 vaccination efforts in late October or early November. We were informed that our participation was mandatory, but it was optional as to whether we receive the vaccination ourselves. When we received this information, it was presented in a casual manner and no efforts were made in regard to keeping this information confidential. 

As a VISTA who has personal concerns about the vaccine's long-term safety, I have contemplated seeking permission to not participate in the vaccination efforts ("conscientious objector") because I don't want to be part of a process that may in the long run harm others.

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