Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ad for Sanofi Pasteur Vaccine Devolopment “Clinical Team Leaders”:

Ad here:


This was for the appointment of “clinical team leaders, global clinical development,
vaccines” – typically the kind of guys that may now be in charge of the development
of influenza vaccines. After emphasizing an “excellent salary, bonus and benefits
package (including 53 days annual leave)”, the ad turned to the candidate profile:
“An understanding of the clinical aspects of infectious diseases – virology,
immunology or microbiology would be very useful but is not essential. You need to
demonstrate the core interpersonal skills, including international outlook, excellent
presentation and communication skills, team leadership, impact and influence (...)”
(my italics). The ad was strictly silent on any requirement of past experience in drug

This should be a serious concern for any health professional – and for any citizen –
that, in the vaccine sector, things have gone so far that manufacturers are not
ashamed of publicly advertising that, to develop new vaccines, even a simple
“comprehension” (not an expertise!) of infectious disease “is not essential” as
compared to smartness (“excellent presentation”), a personal gift for chatter
(“communication skills”) and good manners with people (“impact and influence”:
preferably with opinion leaders and experts of the governmental agencies?).


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