Tuesday, November 10, 2009

To Vaccinate or Not?

Marc Girard, MSc, MD

This should be a serious concern for any health professional – and for any citizen –
that, in the vaccine sector, things have gone so far that manufacturers are not
ashamed of publicly advertising that, to develop new vaccines, even a simple
“comprehension” (not an expertise!) of infectious disease “is not essential” as
compared to smartness (“excellent presentation”), a personal gift for chatter
(“communication skills”) and good manners with people (“impact and influence”:
preferably with opinion leaders and experts of the governmental agencies?).
No wonder that on the basis of such amateurism, vaccine makers are just able to
develop defective products. But, as is perfectly illustrated by the current story of
swine flu, the problem is that they are actively encouraged by health authorities to
introduce and maintain their defective products, in blatant contradiction with the laws in force34.

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