Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Neurosurgeon calls for CDC officials responsible for H1N1 misinformation to be fired:

The majority of people feel that the CDC can no longer be trusted. Many doctors and health care professionals are beginning to challenge the assumptions of our current vaccine programs, and question the sanity and safety of rushing to mass-vaccinate against such a mild virus as H1N1 with untested and unproven vaccines.

Furthermore, one physician, Dr. Blaylock, board certified neurosurgeon, author, and lecturer, who has written over 30 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals on a number of subjects, says that the CDC is leading America into an unfounded mass vaccination emergency. How can Dr. Blaylock make such a statement? 

Dr. Blaylock reports that he uses only data that comes directly from CDC, National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases, National Institute Health, New England Journal of Medicine, etc., all highly regarded areas and institutions of research and data. Our very own government's research holds the evidence for his expert analysis.

He further states that The National Institute of Health had announced that the H1N1 vaccine is completely ineffective in 75% of babies from age 6 months to 3 years of age AND children age 3-9 years old, 64% were completely ineffective;  no one read the report by the NIH! Instead, the CDC and physicians are advising and even mandating that parents get their babies and small children the H1N1 vaccine.

In addition: Dr. Blaylock points out that before Australia and New Zealand entered their fall and winter the CDC experts were watching their outcome, expecting millions of infected and hundreds of thousands admitted in the intensive care units/hospitals. When the flu season finally did arrive in Australia/NewZealand…none of these things happened; it was so mild and extremely low incidents of death was lower than last years seasonal flu for all age groups. The CDC has NOT reported this to the public as well as numerous other facts.

worldwide, according to CDC and WHO data, far fewer people have died form H1N1 than any seasonal flu in the past

the CDC has told us that 36,000 people die every year from influenza and influenza-related complications. But, thus far, we have seen (accepting their data) about 900 deaths and 21,829 cases of pneumonia

as shown by Neil Z. Miller in his excellent book, Vaccine Safety Manuel, once the flu vaccine was given to small children the death rate from flu increased 7-fold.(1)  Not surprising, since the mercury in the vaccine suppresses immunity.

obesity played a significant role in the risk to children and pregnant women as well, something that has never been discussed by the media, the CDC or the public health officials

a recent release from the CDC found that their survey reported that of 12,943 specimens tested from around the country, only 26.3% of cases tested positive for H1N1 variant virus, but that 99.8% of the specimens tested positive for some type of other flu virus, most of which were regular seasonal flu.

as of August 30, 2009, the CDC is no longer typing the virus, they can attribute all cases of pneumonia, hospitalizations and deaths to H1N1, even though the majority of cases appear to be from a long list of other causes. In fact, they can classify many cases of primary pneumonia as caused by H1N1

Heptitus B vaccine, years after it was out, after millions of babies had been vaccinated…suddenly they discover 310% increase of incidents of Multiple Sclerosis within two years of getting the vaccine. They have tripled the risk of having MS. A vaccine that the CDC admitted, they just didn't know about the risk; but they gave it to the children anyway.

why would you vaccinate millions of newborn babies if you didn't have any idea what it would do….hard science is being ignored and most practicing physicians don't even know it exists.

Dr. Blaylock passionately states, "Everybody involved in this fearmongering which is unfounded and cannot be proved, should be fired...just go through the CDC and start firing people who are responsible for putting out this fearmongering, for which they have no scientific backing whatsoever. Anybody in the administration in these bureaucratic departments that has been involved in the fearmongering...they need to be removed from office, we need people who are reasonable and who base things on reasonable conclusions that can inform the public and be more trusting."

See excerpt from Dr. Blaylock video interview below; for the full interview and additional references, click here Dr. Blaylock full interview

Stay informed, eat well, live well.

1) Neil Z. Miller. The Vaccine Safety Manual. New Atlantan Press, Santa Fe, 2008, p97. This material also comes from the CDC

Dr. Blaylock explains why the CDC officials in charge of giving out H1N1 misinformation to the American public, should be fired.

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